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Kids Coollege is where cool kids & friends learn something new everyday

Kids Coollege exists for two reasons:

1. to empower school-aged children with simple life skills learned while having fun with friends so they can be anything they want when they grow up.

2. to help working families with high quality care so they can have peace of mind while at work.


Our Promise to you

We create happiness by providing stimulating and fun activities, while we will encourage children to interact and communicate in a positive way. Every kid is unique and Kids Coollege is a place where diversity is respected at all time. Kids Coollege will offer opportunities to create authentic lasting relationships with others in the program.  

Our Mission

To provide high-quality childcare and educational services at an affordable price so every parent can go to work knowing their kid is in a safe and fun environment. 

Our Vision

To provide high-quality care for school-aged children so parents can go to work knowing their kids are in a safe and fun environment. 

Our Values

Kids Coollege strive to hire experienced and knowledgeable staff. In addition, our staff would also have the following qualities:

a) Friendly: Greeting the parents and children with a smile and "hello" when they arrive and offering any feedback on the day when parents pick up are good practices.

b) Patient: Children commonly need multiple prompts and reminders on simple tasks. Our staff is very patient as they realize that frustration and anger could create a tense environment for the kids and other co-workers.

c) Sense of Humor: Our staff is able to apply humor even to awkward situations. This quality allows the kids to feel comfortable with themselves rather than being constantly aware of their mistakes.

d) Competent: Competence in childcare includes a basic aptitude for recognizing and caring for children's needs.

e) Positive regard for kids: Our staff have a genuine and natural affinity for children and being empathetic to their needs. They will feel comfortable relating to children, enjoys time spent with them, and feels motivated to help them.

f) Communication Skills: Being able to communicate clearly and positively is an essential trait of our staff.

g) Physical Energy: Kids are known for running around with tons of excess energy, so it is not an uncommon occurrence for our staff to have to keep up with them by physically following them around to make sure the child does not wander, keep them engage in activities or just to keep tabs on what the child is doing.

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