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What you should know

  • Indoor shoes are needed for your first day

  • Please label your child's belongings

  • We are a "violence free" zone, which means no clothing, play or toys involving violence will be allowed

  • A toy can be brought from home on "toy day" only

  • Gaming devices may be brought on "Electronic day" only

  • On special occasions such as birthdays, we invite parents, if they wish to bring a special "treat" to share. Please ask a staff about children's allergies before bringing in treats so that all children are able to participate in the celebration

  • Dress appropriately for the weather

  • Please read the parent handbook in its entirety, it contains important information. By signing the agreement form you have agreed to adhere to the policies as outlined in the handbook. Please click here to download our handbook


  • Our program offers AM and PM snacks and kids are invited to bring cereal to keep at the program.

  • Your child will need to bring a nutritious lunch if they will be at the centre during lunch. Microwaves are available to heat up lunches EXCEPT, during camp days where we may eat outside or be out of the building on a field trip

  • We are a "NUT AWARE" facility. Please avoid sending ANY nut products

  • Please do not send "junk food", such as candy, gum, chips, cheezies, sugar-added fruit snacks, pop or chocolate

Drop Off and Pick up:

  • When arriving, please ensure your child puts their belongings away and let the staff know your child has arrived

  • Let staff know if you child will be picked up by an alternate adult or will be away after school

  • Please be patient while your child tidies up, puts on outdoor clothing and collects his/her belongings. It is important that children learn to take responsibility for their own things


  • Children may leave with another adult (other than their parent) if prior written consent has been given. In unforeseen circumstances, parents are asked to phone Kids Coollege Inc and advise the Leaders if another adult will be picking up their child.  Alternate pick up person will require ID

  • If due to custody reasons, you do not wish your child’s other parent to collect him or her, a copy of the legal order must be given to Kids Coollege Inc to be kept on file.

  • Kids Coollege Inc must be informed of any changes in address or phone numbers

  • Parents are encouraged to actively participate in our program. Please feel free to discuss any concerns that you may have about your child or our program with Leaders at any time. Individual meetings can be set up with the Program Director or Program Operator if required. Telephone calls are also welcome


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